Road Construction Begins on November 2019

        Fasting Prayer Mountain will stay open during the period of road construction. The project is planned to be completed by the end of 2020. We apologize for any inconveniences. Thank you for your continued prayers through the duration of the access road construction. 









지난 4월 붕괴된 세계금식기도원의 새 진입로 수리와 조성을 위해 북가주 지역 교계가 소요 공사비에 대한 모금캠페인을 시작하기로 했다. 이와 같은 의견은 지난 5일 산호세 임마누엘 장로교회(담임 손원배 목사) 주최로 가진 세계 금식 기도원(원장 최종숙 목사)의 진입로 붕괴로 인한 공사 관련 기자회견에서 제시됐다.

The above is commemoration photo of various local church pastors of Northern California and Fasting Prayer Mountain of The World personnel taken following the press conference on July 5th, 2017 held at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church in San Jose, California in regards to The Fasting Prayer Mt. Of the World's (FPMW) main entry access road construction fund raiser campaign. 

Lo anterior es una foto en conmemoración de varios pastores de iglesias locales del norte de California y de la montaña de Oración de Ayuno del personal del mundo, tomada después de la conferencia de prensa el 05 de Julio de 2017. Celebrado en la Iglesia Presbiteriana Emmanuel en San José, California. En lo que respecta a la Montaña de Oración de ayuno del mundo (FPMW), entrada principal camino de la construcción de carreteras, campaña de levantamiento de fondos.

上付紀念照片是從不同的北加州地區的教會牧師們和世界禁食祈祷山(Fasting Prayer Mountain of the World, FPMW)之同仁、於2017年7月5日在加州San Jose之 Immanuel Presbyterian Church 、對進入FPMW道路的斜坡崩塌之補修及道路擴展的募款活動之新聞発表會時合照的。

上の記念写真は2017年7月5日に世界断食祈祷山(Fasting Prayer Mountain of the World, FPMW)に入る道路の補修及び拡張の為の募金活動に対する新聞発表会を、カリフォルニア州San JoseのImmanuel Presbyterian Churchで行った時に、北カリフォルニア州の地元の教会の牧師たちと、FPMW の従事者たちが一緒に撮ったものです。

Campaign for Fasting Prayer Mountain Road Construction


Fasting Prayer Mountain of the World was founded in Scotts Valley, CA in 1984. Outwardly with beautiful landscape among Redwood forests. Inwardly with anointing of the Holy Spirit, FPMW is continually growing to be used for the extension of Kingdom of God.


997 Lockhart Gulch Road

Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Phone: (831) 335-5635


Road construction has begun on November, 2019. Access road will be closed Mon-Fri, 8am to 4pm.


Fasting Prayer Mountain will stay open during the period of construction.

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